Miami Gardens Crime Map

Use incident data to build community awareness in Miami Gardens and to evaluate crime and enforcement trends at the city, neighborhood, or street level.

There were no incidents found in Miami Gardens, FL within the past 90 days. You are now viewing a historic version of all the data we have on Miami Gardens, FL from the beginning of our records.

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Incident Types

Investigative Investigative
Accidents Accidents
Domestic Domestic
Assist Assist
Theft Theft
Criminal Criminal
Sexual Related Sexual Related
Miscellaneous Miscellaneous
Violence Violence
Traffic Traffic
Drug Drug
Harassment Harassment
Death Death
Child Child
Fraud Fraud
Animal Animal
Injury Injury
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InvestigativeAccidentsDomesticAssistTheftCriminalSexual RelatedMiscellaneousViolenceTrafficDrugHarassmentDeathChildFraudAnimalInjury

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Incident Breakdown - 73,575 Total

  • Miscellaneous Miscellaneous - 99.98% (73,562)
  • Investigative Investigative - 0.01% (8)
  • Sexual Related Sexual Related - 0.00% (2)
  • Child Child - 0.00% (1)
  • Traffic Traffic - 0.00% (1)
  • Assist Assist - 0.00% (1)

Common Incident Types

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